WORDS OF AFFIRMATION

Words of affirmation, is of no doubts are super powerful, it works wonders even beyond the physical, it goes directly to minister to your soul, and when it is a positive word, it works tremendous wonders. Now having known the effects of words in our lives, positively or negatively used will speak much volume in our lives.

Each passing day has its own blessings and grace attached to it, its activation by spoken words a day will change our lives. Speak to yourself every day, tell yourself how good and perfect you are and continually command greatness into your live. Do not condemn yourself, for no one is better. The very person you could think he/she is well sorted out in life has a silent battle they fight, and wouldn’t be known to the public.

 Words of affirmation to say to yourself every day of your life include these;

  • I am blessed, am loved, today is a great day I am grateful, all things are working for my good. If you are a man tell yourself I am handsome, I will do better, I will not fail, etc. These are few words that seem so small but yet very powerful. They are out to make your day, they may not be easy for you to start but with consistency and positive aura it will help you to follow up the process and overcome any challenges that may want to toll with your mental health.
  • I learnt how powerful this is, positive attitude are by constantly practicing loving myself and tell myself the truth about this life, using more of this word and getting myself stable.
  • Now you may want to ask what time is advisable to begin with every day. Well if I should tell you about a particular time, session to practice your words of affirmation then I might be lying to you. I would say at any particular time of your day is okay to affirm. I mostly affirm few minutes after waking up from sleep which are mostly around 7am and there about. With such I believe it would be effective for me throughout my daily affairs.

These are a fraction of what affirmation looks like, It doesn’t necessarily mean you should say the exact words, you could coin out yours following what suit your situation and mental state. You might not say it every day but be consistent to see it work for you, for a better change.

             Just like a child taking his/her first walk, when you begin you might not be consistent with it but with time you will learn to adjust and fit in to the new self-development.

A time came I slacked on saying those words and it reminded me of what I once forgotten and thankfully it did not take me much time to retrace my path and get back on ground.  Now you might be asking the what if question ‘’ what if I don’t affirm for weeks, months, would I still get back on track’’?  Well my answer is yes you can still get back to your feat if you keep on pushing and remaining consistent. We all have our ups and down and its okay to come back to our first love.

Now if you might ask, what does words of affirmation do to your mental health? Well not to overly hype this but it is damn necessary to affirm, because it gives you certain strength to carry on in life no matter what life throws at you. You must first believe that it would work for you, before embarking on such development. Because the first thing to keep you going is to believe, otherwise you might be reciting a poem literally.


Well yes, because why not! Who doesn’t love to be affirmed to, I mean 95% of people loves it not excluding the introverted ones. So it is always a welcome development.

Few words of affirmations to say to someone e.g. to males

  • Hey I like your shirt
  • I love your courage
  • Your fragrance is heavenly
  • You must be very good at what you do
  • I admire you brilliancy

These and many more are some affirmations to say to a man if you want to boost his ego and make his day. I tell you, you will have him thinking about those words for days, if possible it will lingered to the week following. All because you the right words to elevate them, and as well boosting their mental strength.

I can categorically tell you that you will be marked as an important person in that person’s life, because you simply made yourself a vessel to be emotionally useful towards the thoughtful expression of words  towards the life of your man, friend, spouse etc.

The love affirmation to a female

Women simply always feel pumped to be affirmed to everyday of their life, they cherish it so much, coming from anyone is good, but when it comes from someone they value and respect so much then their excitement could not be contained within them. Now the magic is as simple as you are beauty could do the trick. It could spark the joy and restore her self-confidence lost. Oh!!  It could do wonders in her quote time. The vibes it creates the ecstatic feelings and the mental acceptance.

One fact about ladies is that 85% of young and middle age ladies has lost their self -confidence while growing. This might be due to some overlapped prolonged illness or some certain non-healthy past in the life. It might be a scar from a fire incident or an injury and that could cost them their confidence and making them feeling mentally unaccepted.

A certain friend of mine had a health challenge; she had a cyst in her nose which of course made her nose obviously distorted. That alone made her loss a bit of confidence in herself as she thought to be less attractive due to the health challenge. I had to talk to her about the necessary measures to take to get medical help and as well the effect mental health when dwelling on the thought of a growing cyst.

Words of affirmation to female

  • You are beautiful
  • I love the way you smile
  • I like how your carry yourself
  • You are the best thing to happen to me today
  • Your aura brighten the atmosphere in this room
  • I always wish to see you.

These words are not only meant for you alone, this clearly revealed that you should apply it to everyone around you positively as it helps to brighten the mood and catapult the mental health to positivity.

Words of affirmation help to sustain a healthy paradigm shift. Paradigm shift is different from words of affirmation but they are closely related and help to achieve similar goals. A lot of people affirm but can’t seem to memorize the word spoken and do not think their way through it out. Now, get it clear, you will have to believe that the words being spoken could help you and make you. Not just mere words. In the religious aspect of it, you might want to term it prophesying to self. But it is actually different when checked deeper.






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