Selena Gomez is a popular and well celebrated personality all over the world, few months ago, Selena had an exclusive podcast with the British author Jay Shetty, about her journey, she spoke extensively about her healing and discovering process, from severe mental health illness and her healing process. She is at the top of her games. Think about a Grammy nominee, beauty entrepreneur and now she wants to change the game on mental health, to get us to be aware of our mental illness as much as our physical fitness. Now let’s talk about a little of Selena Gomez bio and her luxurious lifestyle.

She is a powerful woman who has made a fortune from her various careers, she was born in 1992 in a small town of Texas, and she is great actor and a renowned singer. About 7 years of age, she began her career participating in a children TV show called Barney and Friends steering alongside fellow stars too. It wasn’t long before Selena began getting other bigger roles in major TV shows like Disney channel, such as Hanna Montana. Her big break came when she acted in Wizards of Waverly place. These series got her 3 Grammy awards and opening more doors for her. As an actress and also as a singer, she did a great voice over for a movie called Hotel Transylvania.

She has various businesses aside from her acting career, she has a restaurant, and it is called serendipity located in New York City. They offer different hamburger, sweets and drinks. The restaurant developed its flavored ice cream with different color varieties.  Next is owning a cosmetic business called Rare-Beauty. Her makeup brand has a whopping 3.5M followers on Instagram profile.  The brand makes an estimated $60,000,000 dollars a year.  Selena Gomez has also her clothing lines that sells branded shirt for her fans all over the world. She also has her own podcast called wonder mind. And aside from all these too, she gets brands deals that is amount to millions in dollars annually.

Currently, one will know Selena Gomez does not struggle financially; she has everything an average young girl would dream of having. However, there is more to what is she is battling through. One would think she has everything sorted out, but behind closed doors, Selena battled with mental health issues.

Selena Gomez was affected and certainly this is followed because of the betrayal and treatment of Justin Bieber marrying Hailey Rhodes. The rumors got so popular and that lingered for months and eventually for years. She is first a human before being a public figure. The thoughts and the events following her breakup gave her serious anxiety and depression; these are terrible signs of mental health.

Growing up on the spotlight has definitely taught her so much, she couldn’t believe where she is mentally because of how she took the necessary steps in order to remove herself from it, because it’s just not normal.  Due to what she is passing through, she really wants people to be understood and seen, heard, and it is okay to not be okay. Currently, she launched a multimedia company called wonder mind, it is a digital platform provides contents and resources free of charge to help de -stigmatize mental health conversations. She really wants to be known simply the way she cares for other people, especially those having to deal with serious mental health issues.  She stops endless strolling on Instagram for 4 and the half years and according to her testament, she is happier and could connect more to people in real life, thus, helping her mental journal healing process.


She found out, she is having internal battles that she carries, and it wasn’t just about her alone, it is a global thing, and many people experience that so often too. She said she is happy to talk about her experience currently as she is making her to let go of the old version of herself.  Selena Gomez said she puts her all into anything or anyone she loves so. With this we can all tell the impact of her past contributed tremendously to her mental health crisis which leads to her rehab. She never allows the pained that she endured to put some sort of guard or amour around her as she is letting go off her old version. She said she is still nervous and worried about it but being able to accept her problem and talk about it, is a healing process for her.

Going further into the conversation with podcaster Jay Shetty, Selena Gomez said she still believes and hope for love, hope for healing and hope for change and never wants to lose that. She said there were days she felt so far away rather than continuing to get her heart broken.



What makes people not share their darkest secrets?


Frightening, she said. When you are with people who supports you and loves you, you will also have to be very careful with whom you share your story with that could be dangerous, sharing something that could be hurtful or sharing your internal struggles, some might not give you the right advice or guiding you in another way, it will only compound the issues.

So first surround yourself with great people, and then learn everything that needs to be learnt during your process of healing and understanding yourself. Let’s say you are dealing with depression, then find out what every single thing what that means, same applied to when you are having a mental health challenge, then find out and read extensively about it.  It just like when you are aware of the relationship you have with everything associated with mental health. It is freeing to find you better, Start asking yourself questions.

She said when she was a little girl and living in Texas with her parents,she was afraid of tornados and thunderstorms, and when it begins, she would hold tightly to her little cross and pillow scared, her mother told her that its part of the earth thing and next day, she bought her books about tornados.  She said the lessons she learnt from the book is same way she applies that same format to her mental health crisis, by facing her fears and reading extensively about her situation.


Selena Gomez has been in 4 treatment centers concerning her health so far, and she now has different experiences with dealing with herself and has realize not something that is going to go away, rather she learnt how to manage her situation to the best possible way. She said her mental health issue, is not going to be fixed by going to these places, rather it was more to know what triggers her if she takes a certain road and know how to avoid that entirely. She equally said she go along with her medication that she believes would help her stay balance. She said her family and friends had to live with her mental health condition and that was one thing she is so grateful to God for.


Selena began to gain confidence when she encountered a breakup, that was what was public to the masses, according to her, she blamed herself for what she couldn’t do and every day she would want to debunk those feelings she feels, the narrative, but the greatest gift she gets from that is being able to share her story honestly, and gaining the confidence that she is enough. She combats it with love and kindness. She said she doesn’t want to waste her time being upset and taking all the negative things she hears online.


Selena said during 2016 due to the way people view celebrities’ life, she began talking about her body and being worried and wasn’t satisfied about some parts of her body, and how many still sees her as the former Disney kids, rather than a sexy adult. And now that she has a better understanding of self, she became more satisfied with her body. She spoke about how insecure she is about her laughs in the past. Speaking about after breakup with Justin, she resorted in a way to free her mind and not have a negative feeling towards him and also not hurting herself.

This amazing podcast with the former monk and an inspirational speaker, British author Jay Shetty, is an educating one that shows the true side and beauty of Selena Gomez, it shows how pure and innocent she is in dealing with her toughest life traumatic journey. If you are reading this, I would want you to read with an open mind and see to it that you learn one or two ways to deal with your situation.

Thank you so much for reading through, I would love you to stick around and read more piece that will educate you on this website.


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