Suffering does not make you a better person, there is no joy in being poor, and it’s just your life every single day you just scrap by living. The few things that poverty makes you get is more empathy and create more few problems and few others.

Imagine that you’ve been unemployed and seeking jobs for months after finishing school, without getting any and for years it has been like that, it takes a toll on you and mentally you will begin to think you weren’t meant for the best things in life, that’s a mental trick on you and when it eats deep into you it will have effect on your self-esteem.  If you are opportune  to be a country where the  government benefits programs have helped you cover rent utilities and food  but you  are hardly going by , finally you submit a job application ,you  received your first paycheck in a month and things starting to turn around but there is a catch your new  job pays just enough to disqualify you from the benefit  programs, and not enough to cover this in cost, to make things worst you have to pay for  transportation to work, pay for  health care while you are at the office. Somehow you have less money now than when you are unemployed. Economist called this demoralizing situation, one of the many poverty traps affecting many people around the world today.

Poverty traps are environmental and economic and circumstances, they rein enforce themselves, perpetuating poverty from generations. Some poverty traps are tied to individual circumstances like a lack of access to a healthy food, educations; others can affect the entire nations such as circles of government, or climate change.

Most society throughout history implored some strategy that helped people in poverty and basic needs before the 20th century the wages groups and private charities often let such initiatives today, this are called welfare program  and they usually take the form of government provided subsidies housing food and energy and health care, typically this program are tested meaning that only people who fall into a lower of certain income level are eligible for benefits, this policies design that it goes to those who needs it most also means people loses  access as soon as they earn more in the qualification thresh hold regardless  or not they are financially enough to stay there.

5 mental shifts to get out of poverty and bad debt.

There are many tips I can share with you on how you can get out of poverty and debts, these few tips are what I would suggest to anyone any day to help them get over bad financial debts.

Your money mindset is powerful, not just your mindset but in life generally, I found out its one of the most powerful tools that you can use alongside other physical tool, to really shift and transform your life.

We have:

1- Acceptance

2- No one is coming to save you

3– Budgeting

4– Changing your mindset

5– Know your numbers



Accepting your situation for that particular time, not lying to yourself, no procrastinating, no avoidance, just pretty much facing your situation, your finance and detecting that is where you are.

A lot of us have different ways of coping and all, but I found out that accepting your situation is much powerful than when you are in denial about it. When I lost my job about a year ago, I felt the best way was to buckle it up and keep applying to jobs till I get it, reason are so people wouldn’t know I had lost a job, to me I felt ashamed of my situations, not being able to accept what is in front of me was actually destroying my mental state of health.

Meanwhile, getting a job after school for me was such a big achievement, coming from a humble beginning you should know it’s such a huge one for me and my family, and then losing it all of a sudden was disastrous for me and of course dealt with me emotionally.  Allow your mind to get into full comprehension of your situation; it will help in creating more awareness about your situation.



No one is coming to save you.

The moment you realize that no one is actually coming to save you the better for you. Like literally we all have experienced how most of our family members like uncles and aunties that told us how they were a going to help us in one way or the other, either by sending our cv or giving us loans or connecting you to one company or the other.

The government cannot save you, community /society. This is where acceptance comes in, when you accept this hard fact of life; it will put you in a mental state to be able to show up for yourself, to stop the pity party. And absolutely let whatsoever others will do for you are bonus.



Budgeting are not what only rich people do, it’s for everyone who are disciplined about their financial journey. Understand your income! Budgeting is sitting down with maybe say 10,000 dollars and plans your life, in various categories, ranging from your needs, your debts, your savings and investments and your wants as a last option.  You will figure what you need to stop on what are not necessities. Also, don’t budget in your head; do away with the mental note. Have like a spread sheet where you note down, your budgeting’s.  You see a lot of people might not know, but money contributes to over thinking, which in turns gets deep into you mentally if not controlled with discipline and diligence.


Changing your mindset

You need to educate yourself; you need to ask some good question on how the wealthy people behave, how would they solve a problem, how they act etc. wealthy people have a strong mindset shift, they invest in network, they read books a lot, they study, they don’t mind spending a chunk of money on knowledge. The real difference between you from someone else is the depth of knowledge that you have that others doesn’t have. If your mindset is affected, or super clouded with fear and anxiety, I can assure you, you will remain where you are.  The trick is simple yet not doable to many. With this positive mindset, you are changing your mental mindset and that is a great feat cultivating a healthy living.


Know your numbers.

Don’t just work with abstract figure, ask yourself what you can do, know your numbers, it doesn’t matter the debt. Even if you get a good job with some good pay, you will still need to know your numbers. What would it take you to get out of debt, start asking yourself this question, put it on your vision board it works?  Calculate how much you need to invest in your future, once you are able to define that then you should be working backward towards your goal.

Thank you for reading through, Kindly stick around and read more from the site, it will help you improve your mental health crisis.





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