How Quick To Fall Into Depression


Recently, studies have shown how easy it is to fall deep into depression.

without much effort, one can fall into fatal depression and never rise except after several intentional efforts to pull out.

Depression is a major mental breakdown and capable of destruction without apology, only could be averted if adequate care is given.

There are several symptoms of depression that you should not ignore, These include

  • Inferiority complex
  • Frequent sad feelings
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Lack of focus ( always lost)
  • Always wanting to be alone
  • Loss of social interest
  • Substance abuse
  • Feeling of being the only one hated
  • Suicide


These are the major signs of depression which I can say is the total heights height of mental breakdown. When you are experiencing these signs which of course is the height of it.

It is a call to see a therapist or any trusted person in your life to help you. At that stage you are vulnerable. And any thoughts of yours are not to be trusted.

You should not trust your judgment rather entrusts your safety to the hands of a professional and trusted person.

The good news is that depressions are highly curable; it is not a non-curable predicament as you may think, and it involves various thought processes.

Steps to get you out of depression.
  • Reaffirm your love for yourself.
  • Stay with cool friends!
  • Don’t avoid socialization.
  • Often tell yourself it’s a phase and that you will get over it, and yes you will.
  • Stay much closer to your families.
  • Do what makes you happy.


Look, it’s okay to have some “alone time” and sober reflection on your journey on earth, but don’t dwell on it for too long to avoid transitioning to depression.

One of the fastest ways to slide into depression currently and especially among gen z in comparison.

Comparing yourself with the achievement of others is just one of the fastest ways to kill you. You will stop growing if you compare yourself with others regardless of what it may be, ranging from career, marriage, wealth, the completion of who has the happiest life, comparing the social media growth of another to yours, or comparing the life of your ex to yours.

Maybe your ex got a partner, you will compare them from all angles, all these and many more add up to a mental breakdown. It will start with affecting your self-esteem and from there it will graduate to depression, and it will be really quick.

Let me tell you, having a life where you surround yourself with hopes that you will be better and get the desired materials you need/ want, you will get it.

However, I would advise as my reader, always be on the watch so you can know when you are already going overboard.

words from a loved one who lost a family member to suicide.

Below are the words of those who genuinely shared the demise of their loved ones, they committed suicide and their loved ones here are those who are left with grief. These were coined from comments under the post talking about a celebrity that took his own life (not mentioning his name for now).

Michelle Keller – said her daughter Shelby took her life on 10/20/20. ‘My life has not been the same since’ rest in peace my love (Michelle Keller).

Gena Bryan Lafferty – said so sad my son took his own life Christmas 2005

Jeff Mattox – said; “4 years ago my brother took his life out of the blues, it never gets easier for those of us who are left alone. I miss him dearly. Always take time to check on your friends and family even if it’s just to let them know you are thinking of them.”

Ashley King – said “My 15 years old attempted to take his life on 5/25/22 I found him and tried to save him. Although when I brought him back, he was brain dead. We donated his organ 6days6 days later, I had no idea he was struggling.”

Jennifer K Jones-Kelleher – said “My youngest son, always so happy!! Always smiling, we had no idea he was in so much pain, He was only 13. He left this world 4 days before Christmas 2021. I am devastated”.

Anonymous- My oldest beautiful son, only 27, died on Sunday 9-21-22. He was struggling with depression and grief after losing his sister, my daughter to homicide, and our youngest who took his life this past December 12-21-21. I have now lost 3 of my 4 children. I can’t do this. Not again!  I am devastated and destroyed.  I am trying to be strong for my last remaining son. He is quiet and doesn’t say a lot. He is struggling so much right now and is so scared of him. Why is this happening again? Jacqueline amber forever 23, Jaydin James Forever 13 Joshua Allen Forever 27

Looking at these young stars’ age, you will agree that they are all full of life and need proper handling. It has been confirmed that the afternoon of our lives is always filled with anxiety, worries, selfishness, depression, and confusion. And during old age, we become happier and more laid back from a lot of things.

As hard as that, it is the bitter truth. unfortunately, many may still find that path as a good route to take, because they are tired in one way or the other.

Thank you so much for reading through, I hope you were able to pick one tip or the other to enhance your mental health journey. Stick around this site to consume more impactful content for your mental journey.

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