Tuition Free Online Bible Colleges And Seminaries

Are you looking for Tuition Free Online Bible Colleges And Seminaries to complete your Bible study or your theological experience? OR, Are you looking forward to become a renowned Pastor? IF YES, Here is an opportunity for you to study online at your comfort zone and at your best time.

In this blog We have discussed extensively some of the best Tuition Free Online Bible Colleges And Seminaries.

Free Tuition Online Bible Colleges regarding Christ-centered education are always a dream experience for several Christian students.

There are numbers of tuition free online bible colleges, with which its students make up for free tuition by working a set number of hours per week or paying nontuition costs.

Corresponding to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, we have selected some of the global leading free tuition online bible colleges. However, some of the schools on the list provide free tuition to all students, while others do provide free tuition to a considerable proportion of students.

What is a Bible College?

Bible colleges, in some cases, also known as Bible Institutes or Theological Institutes, are Christian / biblical higher education institutions that are Protestant in nature. Bible study, Theological education and practical ministry are majorly used to train students for Christian ministry.

Furthermore, bible schools are typically associated with evangelical, Christian fundamentalist or Pentecostal Protestant organizations. Their principal purpose is to prepare people for positions in Christian ministry.

Typically, bible colleges make provision for undergraduate education. Some also lower-level associate degrees, provide graduates, certificates and or diplomas in special stages of Christian teaching where a full degree is not necessarily required.

Free Tuition Online Bible Colleges

Below are some of the top tuition free online bible colleges in the U.S.A.

1. Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute was discovered in the year 2006 and the school has been offering a free online correspondence religious classes. The Christian Leaders Institute is one of the religious organization of Christian Leaders Ministries that was formed in 2001.

The Christian Leaders Institute is one of the global leading free online bible colleges, based on reviews from various students.

The purpose of this online school is to reach out to the world for Christ, the institution hopes that its bible school will enhance believers to grow in confidence, competence and credibility.

There are over a hundred distinct biblical courses available in the institute, and the school has graduated students from practically every country all around the globe.

As the institution rely on freewill donations to fund their activities, they affirm that provision for its courses and classes are free.

To enroll, it is required that you own or have access to an internet-enabled device. The like of Android, iOS device or a laptop.

School Link

2. The Biblical Trainings Institute

Today, Biblical Trainings Institute is one of the top and prominent free tuition online bible colleges on net. However, to acquire a diploma from the university, you must pay a fee, while some of their online courses are free.

Provision for the Foundations Bible Diploma is a start to learning the Bible on a fundamental level. It takes about a 9-month commitment0, costing $495, with successful participants receiving a diploma of completion certificate at the end of the course.

3. The Prophetic Voice Institute

The Prophetic Voice Institute is also a free tuition online bible college, set to prepare individuals for ministry work, through impersonation of biblical knowledge to its students / participants. And is dedicated to educating People for the Ministry of Christian Counseling.

The director, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, corresponding to the fulfillment of a vision given to him by God, expressed that he founded the tuition free online bible colleges to training one million Christians for God’s work, who will in turn use that which they’ve learnt to teach others.

This institute is in association with Dr. Joseph’s church, but it’s not necessarily of you to be a member of his church to be a beneficiary.

To access the courses, it is required that first sign up as a student to create a student account on the platform.

4. AMES International School of Ministry

Since 2003, AMES International School of Ministry is a tuition free online bible college that has trained thousands of bible students globally. The institution make provision of over 20 online bible knowledge courses to students around the globe for free.

AMES International School of Ministry is often regarded as one of the largest online bible knowledge institutes, that has admitted over 80,000 students all over the world.

You will be allowed to participate in their free online bible courses, after your admission. You are also entitled to printable certificates at the end of each. Alongside, it should be noted that you can also earn transferable college credits and a bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from this institute, for as low as $20.

5. Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute

The Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institution is another top leading tuition free online bible college. It adopts the perspective of a Pentecostal-Charismatic method to teach the Bible.

The institute initiate numbers of ready-to-go online bible lessons that anybody, regardless of location, can access.

The institution was founded by Pastor Jim Feeney, and started in 2004. The institute is associated with his ministry; are part of the courses on the platform, are some of his sermon and church teaching.

6. Northpoint Bible College

Northpoint Bible College is one of the top tuition free online bible colleges today. Provided with the primary aim of teaching and training students for Pentecostal ministry to spread Christ message.

Through the Classcentral online learning platform the institution offers its bible knowledge courses. The institute offers not only biblical teachings but also focus on developing leadership skills for its students.

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7. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is another tuition free online bible college which make provision for a variety of doctoral degrees and masters.

Without having to make an account with the school in some situations, students are liable to access several free eBooks and online bible knowledge courses anywhere in the world.

As a new student, you will be required to pay a one-time registration fee. While tuition at Trinity is entirely free.

School Link

8. Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University is the oldest bible Christian university and college, have secured a sustainable operation since about 80 years. The Grace Christian University is a full-service Christian university. Ranging from bachelor’s to masters to doctoral levels, It make provision for on-campus and online degrees.

9. Northwestern Seminary

Northwestern Seminary is another online bible knowledge institute. The institute acclaim to provide the most cost-effective and time-efficient service for bible knowledge scholars to obtain a respected seminary degree from anywhere around the globe.

However, it should be noted that the institution offers both standard and expedited degree programs that can be completed for as little period as 90 days.

Free Bible Courses Online with Certificates

In this list, we’ve compiled the top of the greatest institute that offers in-depth and certificates courses than others.

1Courses in International Seminary for Distance Education’s

ISDET is a non-profit organization that enhances free online education for everybody. Once you enroll as a student, you merely pay a little registration fee. However, it is required of you to have completed enough schooling to be qualified to apply to any other undergraduate program in order to enroll to any of the courses

  • You advise to choose from these three underlisted bachelor programs:
  • BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry)
  • B.Th. (Bachelor of Bible Theology)
  • BRE (Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education)

All materials are provided free of charge by the institution, with no tuition fee required. But however, you are to pay a modest registration charge, followed by another nominal fee while you graduate for certificate printing, postage and some other necessary preparation.

2Courses in World Bible School

World Bible School is a christian institute that provides various courses based on Christ life and Bible knowledge.

This bible institute provide a course in Bible knowledge, thereby covering about ten different themes. These themes range from the Way of Faith up to the Good News. However, to understand the Bible for yourself, everything you need to study is provided in the course.

There are other courses available in the institute centered in understanding Jesus (Christ Life), the Prophets, and Family. These courses are made considerable interest to students seeking education in Christianity in the institute, free of charge.

3Open Yale Courses in Religious Studies

The Open Yale Courses website currently offers two courses, which are;

An Overview of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and Introduction to the history and literature of the New Testament.

We recommend looking at this Yale course, for student that are searching for a certified course. They are a brilliant starting point to religious / bible studies, and they will make your future studies much more comprehensive.

4.Courses at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas University make provision for a variety of free online Bible knowledge courses, including:

  • Names and Attributes of God
  • Corinthians
  • James
  • Daniel
  • Evangelism
  • Exodus
  • Thessalonians

There are about 20 of these classes, many of which run for several weeks. So, to complete these courses will take significant amount of time. At the end of the program you will become a Bible knowledge expert.

5.Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy

This is a brilliant religious beginner course. It isn’t based on Christianity or Bible knowledge, but however, it’s a good place to start if those interested in learning more about religion.

The course is free to audit, but it is required of you to pay a sum of $99.50 to acquire the certificate of completion.

6Bold Christian University’s Degree Programs

Bold Christian University is not exactly a university based on the fact that it is not accredited. However, the institute makes provision for three distinct degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Christian Evangelism
  • Master of Christian Evangelism
  • Doctor of Christian Evangelism

In these programs, you’re entitled to learn everything that is required to know and understand Christianity, together with literature, sociology, and evangelism, alongside other things. The institute is recommended if you want a free degree program that provides a nice comprehensive understanding of Christianity and its historical analysis.

Tuition Free Bible College and Seminary

There are a numbers of tuition free bible knowledge colleges and seminaries. However, affiliated with a specific religious affiliation, while some others are not.

They make provisions for several degrees, majors, and minors in religious/bible studies. Some of the colleges to be listed here might not exactly be free, but however quite affordable:

  • Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa, Georgia
  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Cromwell, Connecticut
  • Tennessee Wesleyan University Athens, Tennessee
  • Saint Peter’s University Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Standish, Maine
  • Newman University Wichita, Kansas
  • University of Mount Olive, North Carolina
  • York College. York, Nebraska
  • Cardinal Stritch University
  • Moody Bible Institute Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana
  • Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas.
  • Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, Texas
  • University of the Cumberland’s
  • Heritage Christain University Florence, Alabama.
  • Family of Faith University, Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, Florida
  • Hope Sound Bible College Hobe, Sound Florida.
  • Saint Louis Christian College, Florissant, Missouri
  • Davis College, Johnson City, New York
  • Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois
  • Randall University, Moore, Oklahoma
  • Concordia University, Austin, Texas
  • Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota
  • Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

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