Relocate To Canada To Work and Study Using Student Visa – Apply Now

Relocate to canada to work and study with student visa is not hard one and the reason for this is because we have provided all the information you need to get started in this article, so you should read till the end to get started.

In this article we are going to talk bout the different ways you can fully relocate to canada and here we would be using the wok and study section to do this.

For you to live, work or even study in Canada there are some requirements you need to meet up with and those requirements are some of the things we are going to provide for you in this article including a step by step guide to your application.

There are over 1500 universities in Canada that are read to welcome international students into the country as long as you can meet up with every requirement that will be provided for you. Canada is a country with a lot of opportunities for students and people who are ready to work.

Canada also has about 500 colleges that are also ready to accept International students into the country.

Benefits in Relocate To Canada To Work and Study Using Student Visa

There are a lot of benefits attached to anyone relocating to Canada through students visa and also have the opportunity to not only study but also work in the country, the benefits are listed below:

  • Enjoy the high quality of eduction that is offered by Canadian schools
  • As an international student you will have the opportunity to work and study in the country during and after your study
  • You will have the opportunity of getting a permanent residency card
  • Enjoy the multicultural nature of Canada
  • study in either English or French
  • There is high level of security in Canada
  • Canada is very affordable compared to other places where international students will go to find study or explore

How To Apply For Work and Study in Canada

here we are going to talk about the simple steps you have to take before you can work and study in the beautiful country of canada

Step 1: Make research to find schools that are ready to accept students

Here you will be expected to make a proper research on some schools that are currently accepting students, don’t just pick one, you can apply for multiple schools and hope that any of them will accept you and if you have multiple options you can then check and select the one that is best for you.

Step 2: Apply through the designated learning institutes

Every application to any school in Canada as an International student will be passing through the designated learning institutes which is in charge of this kind of issue. There are also some other requirements which you can find at the official website of the institutes.

Step 3: Apply For Study Permit

As your submitting your application to be. student of any school In canada, you should make sure that you also have a study permit and if you don’t have you need to apply for one because you need it before you can be allowed to study in Canada. With your study permit you can study in canada for a very long time without any worries.

Step 4: Trying Your Immigration Options

Let’s assume that you have successfully gotten your admission, congratulation and that leads us to the next step which is how you can get a work in the country. you need to be an immigrant before you can be given a work.

Aside getting your stay permit or study permit, you need to apply for work permit which will allow you to work in the country as an immigrant. Secondly, you must make sure to follow all the steps that have been provided for you and make sure you are qualified to work before you can work in the country.

Work in Canada Eligibility

International students in Canada who are enrolled full-time in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and have a study permit are permitted to work off campus without a work permit. This implies that you are free to work for any employer and in any profession throughout Canada. If they like, international students can work on campus as well.

Working off campus entails doing so for any employer that is not affiliated with the institution or college. Working on campus refers to working for any employer who has an office on the campus of the university or college, including the school or college itself, a professor (as a research assistant, for example), yourself (as a self-employed employee working on campus), a student organization, or a private contractor who offers services to the university or college, such as a gym or restaurant.It’s crucial to remember that even if you want to work while you study in Canada, you will still need to provide proof of adequate financial support when you apply for a study permit.

This implies you must demonstrate that you have the financial resources to support yourself while you are in school without working. The requirement to demonstrate financial capacity prior to arrival cannot be satisfied by anticipated future earnings, thus even though you may want to work while pursuing your studies in Canada.

If you are allowed to work in Canada and the terms of employment are specified in your study permit. The Social Insurance Number (SIN), which is a necessary prerequisite before you may start working while studying in Canada, may be obtained from Service Canada using this statement.

You can get your study permit altered without charge if it is missing the statement required to submit an application for a SIN. Although you can do this after you arrive, it’s much simpler to do it when you arrive and your study permit is initially issued. If you have any questions about anything on your study permit, you can ask the immigration officer about it when you get there.


Thats all you should know for now about this topic and if you have any questions, kindly reach out to gospelreels through the comment section.

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