Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Are you looking for scholarships in Japan for international students? You just found it, Scholarships in Japan for International Students is  offered by Japanese universities open every year between February and May. Scholarships by Japanese Government and organizations may be offered at any time of the year.

Requirements for getting a scholarship often include a certificate of proficiency in the desired language – Japanese language for Japanese -taught programs and English language for English-taught programs

Why Study in Japan?

After World War II in 1945, Japan was in ruin. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been wrecked by atomic bomb; factories burned to aches, nearly everyone were jobless. The question then was; how will a devastated nation, with zero natural resources, less than 10% arable land, feed over 100 million people.

To survive, the Japanese resolved to continually develop the capacity to import raw materials, add value to them and export. This simplified approach to a complex problem has turned Japan to the third largest economy in the world today.

Known for making things smaller, faster and first, Japan’s economic strength is largely due to the strong research and development industry that underlies successful international brands such as Nissan, Toyota, Panasonic, Canon and Sony; as well as producing robots for every imaginable need

Unsurprisingly, an excellent higher education system lies behind all this innovation. You wouldn’t be wrong to want to learn from this country.

Interestingly, the Japanese government is keen to attract more international students, and has set a target of having 300,000 foreign students in the country by 2020 (it reached the 100,000 mark in 2003). As a result, universities are focusing on making life easier for foreign students, from the application process all the way through to finding a job after graduation.

A point of attraction for international students to study in Japan is the introduction of more courses taught partly or entirely in English. Universities hire special staffs to support international students. International students are allowed to start courses in September, instead of April, which is when Japan’s academic year usually begins. There is also increase in exchange programs with universities in other countries

How to Apply to Study in Japan

Because living and studying in Japan is expensive compared to many countries,the Japanese government has also introduced additional financial support for foreign students. Various university scholarships and grants are available through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Tokyo Institute of Technology are the top three universities in Japan according to QS World University Ranking 2019.

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