How To Apply For Dubai Visa Extension

Do you want to spend more time in Dubai with your friends and family? Is your tourist visa going to expire soon? Dubai visa extension is an option for tourists that want to continue their stay for as long as they want to enjoy the beautiful city and peaceful surroundings.

The UAE government recently changed its tourist visa policy, allowing tourists to have their visas extended while still in the country. Extending your visa is a simple process if you have the right information. Here, we would be outline the steps you need to extend your Dubai Visa.

What You Need to Know About Renewing or Extending Your Dubai Tourist Visa

If you apply for and are granted a tourist or visit visa, you can extend it twice for a total of 60 days. This does not require you to leave the country during the application process.

Visitors and tourists can renew their visas before the first one expires, but they must pay a fee each time they want to apply for an extension. Overstaying visa holders who fail to renew on time will result in a fine for each day they do not renew.

Requirements for Dubai Visa Extension

To extend your UAE visa, complete the online form and upload copies of the following documents:

  • Passport Photocopy: A clear photocopy of your valid passport and must have at least six months remaining on it.
  • A clear front-facing photograph of the applicant with any color background is required.
  • Copy of current UAE visa

Some tourist are exempted from this process. They are not required to follow the extension rule that everyone else is required to follow. For example are the residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

How to Apply for a Visa Extension in Dubai

Here are the steps to getting a visa extension in Dubai:

Through The Federal Agency In Charge Of Citizenship And Identity

  • Open the official webpage of the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity.
  • Enter your information.
  • Include necessary attachments
  • Pay the visa extension fee of AED 600 and submit application.

    Using The GDRFA Application

    • Sign in or create a new account in the GDRFA app.
    • On the dashboard, click Visa Details.
    • Select “Renew Residence” from the drop-down menu.
    • Fill in the blanks spaces with labelled details
    • Choose a method of delivery
    • Upload documents
    • Pay the fee.
    • Wait for confirmation via SMS or email

      Cost Of Visa Extension

      Costs for extending a tourist visa are:

      •  An extra 30 days costs about 900 Dirhams.
      •  A 90-day extension costs around 1,200 Dirhams.

      People who overstayed their visas because they couldn’t renew their tourist visas will have to pay a fine of AED 100 for each extra day they spend.


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